Promotion, Pro Mende victorious by measure (2-1) over Sinagra

Drafting 27 September 2021 12:03

Share Second toast in a row for the Pro Mende coached by Michele Cataldi (disqualified in this match), who bent with a score of 2-1, on the “friendly” ground of Santa Lucia del Mela, the tenacious resistance opposed by Sinagra on the third day of the Promotion Championship (group B). The match was fought until the triple whistle, but the second half saw the hosts play better than their opponents. Local ahead on 13 ‘, when Bartuccio hits the target on Ruggeri’s calibrated cross in the area. Sinagra’s reaction was immediate and equalized, seven minutes later, thanks to the insistent action of Gullà. Galvanized by 1-1, the guests even close to overtaking with Saccà, but Bucca is good at opposing. In the final of the fraction, they try for Pro Mende Lanza, shot saved, Ruggeri, on the bottom, and Lo Presti, weak his header from a favorable position. At 30 ‘of the restart a defender saves on the conclusion without a sure shot by Rasà. It is the prelude to the winning goal, scored in the 41st minute by Mazzù, who cleverly resolves a confused action, giving Pro Mende a precious victory.

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