Promotion, Milazzo cynical against a wasteful Valdinisi

Milazzo sentenced Valdinisi to the second consecutive defeat in the Promotion championship (group B), beating them 2-0 on the synthetic Santa Teresa di Riva. The team coached by Roberto Frazzica must regret the opportunities they had and did not materialize, while the Mamertini, who celebrated their first success after two draws, were good at hitting in the key moments of the challenge.

At the start of the match, hosts close to the advantage on the inviting pass from Principato to Gaeta, who lacks, however, the link to the ball to the goalkeeper by now beaten. Giallorossi still dangerous with Trov, diagonal just to the side, and Principato, who misses an easy opportunity. The second half opens with Milazzo’s goal: Cardia throws Ferlazzo on the wing, who bags the ball with a shot to cross. The Ionians try to react, but it is the guests who engage Simoni from a distance. At 75 ‘defensive error of the premises and Coulibaly concludes from the edge under the intersection, where the goalkeeper cannot reach. In the end, Valdanisi’s protests for the failure to grant a penalty are vain.

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