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Proloco Aps Mondello is born: “Lights on the township 365 days a year”

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An instrument of cultural, artistic promotion and protection of the Partanna, Valdesi and Mondello area.
The newborn Pro Loco APS Mondello will be presented at the Terraces of Mondello (ex Charleston).
A moment also served to make sure they understand how much they really want to spend themselves in a project that intends to bring beauty back to the seaside oasis loved by Palermo and beyond.

“Merchants, citizens and institutions are the three categories that must begin to dialogue synergistically – says the president, Massimiliano Riina – because it is the only way to create a virtuous circuit that also attracts tourism”.

There are two lines to follow.
One is the one that looks at the problems of the territory.
“I say this because also and above all the Pro Loco cannot detach itself and abstain from the problems of the territory.
If they want to make real tourism promotion – adds the president – we must take this into account.
In fact, we will have thematic tables at which we will seat institutional partners and operators and those who will have to raise the funds.
We will make the names and surnames of those who promise and do not keep.

The second line, on the other hand, is that of activities.
“One of the things that is important to us – concludes Massimiliano Riina – is to make Mondello also a place where the handicapped can not only come and have an ice cream, which is currently not possible, but also accessible from many points of view.
For example, we will bring back the living chessboard and we will launch initiatives that can take place 365 days a year.
We can no longer allow Mondello to live only in July and August, while in the other 10 months of the year the lights go out.
From tomorrow we will be working to realize the dream of those who have always known Mondello and know what its enormous potential is “.

images by Marcella Chirchio

interviews with Maria Rosa Pelone, vice president of Proloco Aps Mondello; Giuseppe Russo, associate

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