Projects against early school leaving, 17 million from the NRP for schools in Palermo

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Of the 74,407,923.74 euros earmarked for Sicily to combat early school leaving, educational poverty and to overcome territorial gaps, over 17 million will go to schools in Palermo and its province.
It is the figure foreseen for education in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan which provides investments for a total of 1.5 billion that schools will be able to use to improve the learning outcomes of female students and students who fall within the range of age 12-18 years.

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“In these days he explains – explains in a note the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi – I signed the first tranche of resources of the Plan against school dropout and for overcoming the territorial gaps which will go on until 2026.
We have 1.5 billion The first 500 million will be used to finance projects in 3,198 lower and upper secondary schools.
These are resources that we assign directly to educational institutions on the basis of precise indicators relating to dispersion and the socio-economic context “.

The schools involved in this first step should soon receive the communication of the funding, but also the agreement with the indications on the basis of which they will be able to carry out the design.
The projects will start with the next school year and will last two years.
This first step will be followed by two other tranches of financing, the first dedicated to favoring the acquisition of a diploma for young people, even between 18-24 years of age, who have left their studies early.

With the second part of the funding, projects will be activated to strengthen basic skills to overcome territorial gaps and also some national projects in the most peripheral areas of cities and the country.
Below is the breakdown of resources for actions to combat early school leaving by geographical area: € 244,197,682.85 in the Center-North (48.84%) and € 255,802,317.15 in the South.

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