Professor of the University of Palermo will investigate the death of David Rossi

Editorial board 12 December 2021 10: 52

A professor from the University of Palermo will also investigate the death of David Rossi. The bureau of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the tragic end of the communications manager of Monte dei Paschi di Siena has ordered a collegial report entrusted to three coroners who will support the police of the Ris. This is Antonina Argo, 57 years.

argo-3 With Antonina Argo – in the photo – head of the specialization school of forensic medicine at the University of Palermo, there will be Vittorio Fineschi , professor of forensic medicine at the department of anatomical, histological, forensic and musculoskeletal system sciences at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, and Roberto Testi, director of forensic medicine Asl city of Turin.

On 21 December there will be an inspection in Siena by the carabinieri, appointed by the Commission to carry out surveys, together with a delegation of the same commission. “We will go from morning to evening”, says Pierantonio Zanettin, president of the Commission of Inquiry into David Rossi’s death, recalling that the places will be taken up by experts to acquire useful elements for simulating Rossi’s fall with the virtual mannequin. “We have chosen the appointment of three medical examiners for greater collegiality and maximum transparency”, concluded Zanettin.