Professional training in Sicily, Schifani calls entities: “But first I will hear from Turano”

The article explains that the President of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, will meet with employer organizations in the professional training sector to address the critical situation that has caused unrest. The meeting will take place after the Governor has consulted with the professional training assessor to understand the issues and find administrative solutions. The article also mentions the involvement of the Five Star Movement, criticizing the center-right governments for not initiating training courses as planned, which affects citizens’ access to financial support for training and employment. The article highlights the mismanagement of funds and lack of support for training and job opportunities, ultimately urging citizens to reject center-right candidates in the upcoming elections.

Formazione professionale in Sicilia, Schifani convoca gli enti: «Ma prima sentirò Turano»

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