Prisoners at Cerulli in Trapani revolt, relocated to other regions or far from their cities.

Following a violent protest that took place on October 12th at the Trapani prison in Sicily, the inmates involved have been transferred out of the region or to prisons farther away from their cities. This decision was made in compliance with a new directive issued by the penitentiary administration department. Seven of the inmates have been transferred out of the region, with six being sent to prisons within the same Sicilian district but at a sufficient distance from their place of residence. The Undersecretary of State for Justice, Andrea Ostellari, expressed his gratitude to the prison superintendent, the general directorate of detainee treatment, and the personnel involved in the transfers. The recent directive, strongly requested by the majority of prominent trade unions, has proven to be effective. Violent actions with the intention of being transferred to facilities close to the inmates’ homes will now have the opposite effect.

La rivolta al Cerulli di Trapani, i detenuti trasferiti in altre regioni o lontano dalle loro città

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