“Priority for families with children”

Editorial Staff 06 September 2021 13:29

Morning of passion at the San Filippo drive. Long lines for those who went to swab. Enraged citizens reported to the Guarantor for Childhood, Fabio Costantino, complete with photographic documentation, the presence of entire families with children in line for many hours crying with fatigue. Costantino wanted to verify personally. “I did an inspection and the situation seemed less dramatic than it was described to me – explains Costantino – but I reached the drive-in at 12.30 and the line, many users told me, had been partially disposed of. In fact, however, there were still families with very young children in line and many waiting outside the cars. I called Dr. Paino of the ASP who gave me maximum availability to verify the situation and possibly organize some changes to improve the service already enhanced in recent days “. The Guarantor has proposed possible assistance to families with children (army or civil defense) or priority in carrying out the swab to children so as not to let them stay long under the sun. “I am in contact with the commissioner who has already intervened and I am sure that everything possible will be done to improve the service – assures Costantino – The epidemiological situation in the city has worsened and the pressure on services and hospitals is enormous. It is necessary to do everything possible to give assistance, but citizens must respond to the appeals that come from many parts about the need to be vaccinated. The same head of state just yesterday reminded us of a sense of responsibility by inviting, who can, to get vaccinated as soon as possible to defend themselves and others from the virus especially those who, for medical reasons, cannot access vaccination “. Gallery

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