Primary in Sicily, Floridia I am honored, now we leave

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The Messina Senator Barbara Floridia, current Undersecretary of Education, chosen by the M5S as a candidate for the primaries of the progressive front in the race for the presidency of the Sicily Region, says that “now we start again.
With us.
From Sicily.
I thank our president Giuseppe Conte for their trust and all the colleagues of the 5 Star Movement of Sicily who for years have been at the service of citizens in the Region, working with passion “.

“I am truly honored to represent the M5S in the primary in Sicily for several reasons.
But one above all, I want to write it: Sicily is not just a region, my region, a beautiful region.
Sicily is the ‘reason’.
The reason why we have chosen to do politics, the reason that prompts us to believe, the reason why we will never give up.
Thanks Giancarlo Cancelleri for everything.
Thanks Nuccio Di Paola and Luigi Sunseri for being there.
We, together with all the other colleagues, can do the impossible ”, concludes the pentastellato exponent.
Floridia next July 23 will face the primary of the progressive front with the MEP of the Democratic Party, Caterina Chinnici and with the regional deputy Claudio Fava (One hundred steps and representative of left-wing civic movements).

News from Sicily 2022-07-01 10:00:00

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