Prima Pagina, La Repubblica-Palermo: “Go to the play-off rodeo leading to B. Musumeci …” offers you the first page of “La Repubblica-Palermo”

“Musumeci: I re-apply and in the meantime I leave the health service”

Thus opens the first page of today’s edition of “La Repubblica-Palermo”. “Interview with the president: ‘I demand respect from my allies. Yes to the bridge, it will be called Ulysses’. Contagions in decline. The specialist: ‘More vaccinated and we would have already reopened everything’. On the balconies white sheets, the day of blessed Livatino. Mazara embraces the affected fishermen. The commander: ‘Never again at sea’. Off to the play-off rodeo leading to B, Lucca returns to jump the first obstacle “.

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