Pride 2022, a rainbow tide in Catania We are without borders

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The rainbow parade yesterday marched from piazza Borgo to piazza Università.
Godmother of the event Vladimir Luxuria.


CATANIA – «We are tide and we are without borderswithout borders and without limitations: we are infinity, we are great, we are people and we fight every day to confirm our rights and live without constraints ».
From this excerpt of the Catania Pride 2022 political document it is possible to deduce the profound meaning that the Lgbt + community and not only wanted to give to the parade that yesterday, from Borgo square and up to University squarehe demonstrated after a two-year hiatus.

The Covid pandemic has, in fact, canceled the 2020 edition of the parade, while 2021 was marked by “static”: last year, in fact, the parade was banned, making it possible to manifestation of intent only in static formwith unfolding in piazza Nettuno.

2022 therefore wanted to be distinguished by energy, dynamism and presence: the godmother, Vladimir Luxuria, has become a “megaphone” of LGBT + claims.
The procession was also preceded by a week dedicated to meetings on the occasion of the first Pride Villagewhich took place in The Chimneys.
It also manifested itself against violence and warswith a clear reference to the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The godmother Luxuria launched the message of the 2022 edition of Catania Pride: “We want to communicate happiness, joy of living and being there – she said – and of love.
Although Parliament does nothing to make laws against homobitransphobia and not even for egalitarian marriage, we do not want to lose the good mood.
We owe it to those people who unfortunately have not only lost their good mood, but have also lost the will to live.
We owe it to Sashaa very young boy from Catania who took his own life.
We owe it to Chloe, a trans teacher who took her own life.
We must not let ourselves be discouraged and change the mood of those who insult us and want to discriminate against us.
We must always respond with our colors, with our joy ».

“We took to the streets – he said Armando Caravinispokesperson for Catania Pride 2022 – to proudly claim our existence and also our rights and, above all, the our dignity.

The community is united: they participated in the demonstration from every part of Sicily, not only from the province of Etna.
This shows how strong the sense of belonging.
We will never take a step back.
All this to achieve a single, disruptive, objective: there must no longer be a society with citizens and Serie A and B rights.
We have been and will continue to be without borders ».

The great turnout of the public testified to the involvement of the community, who animated the human serpent who led the LGBT + claims against “the practices of a patriarchy and a heterosexual domination that does not belong to us.
There is only one single horizon that we aim for: decide our bodies.
For this reason, with this Pride, we are calling for liberation against the borders of oppression and exploitation ”, reads the political document.

“While the Senate applauds the abolition of a law that could have protected us – remarked the Catania pride 2022 Committee – and while families made up of LGBT + people are still waiting for full and total recognition, we are witnessing aggressions that rage on our bodies or that affect our loved one and our childrenə.
We want to tear down this wall.
We will hurl ourselves against everything that crushes us in conditions of discomfort and minority: beyond the boundaries of binarism and all types of pigeon-holing, we turn towards new horizons of identity ”.
Finally, a clear communion of intentions: “We are without borders and we will look for every broken link in the net that tightens us, so that there are no more cages ».

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