Presti rewarded in Palermo: “The importance of finding the meaning of life in giving”

Before the show that opened the Al Massimo theater station in Palermo, Nitrate d’Argento. A dream between cinema and TV, the Memorabilia 2023 Award was presented. This award was established last year by the artistic director of the Teatro Al Massimo, Aldo Morgante, to celebrate the philanthropist Luigi Biondo, brother of Andrea Biondo who founded the Teatro Biondo in Palermo 150 years ago. Luigi donated several buildings to the city, creating healthcare and social institutions. The award this year went to the patron Antonio Presti, president and creator of the Fiumara d’Arte foundation, for promoting beauty in all its forms and for his commitment to the difficult neighborhood of Librino in Catania. Presti expressed joy in receiving an award in memory of Luigi Biondo, stating “It confirms the choice I made many years ago to give something to my land of Sicily and to find the meaning of life in giving.” The video interview with Antonio Presti was created by Vincenzo Burgio.

Presti premiato a Palermo: «L’importanza di trovare nel dono il senso della vita»

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