Presenting the Unity Festival: for the first time, it will be in Agrigento.

The Democratic Party (Pd) will use these four days to trace a new course and be prepared, unlike Giorgia Meloni. The regional Unity event, hosted for the first time in Agrigento, will focus on issues such as education, healthcare, waste management, public water, energy, fires, employment, and transportation. Leaders of the Pd, such as Elly Schlein and Stefano Bonaccini, along with other prominent figures, will participate in the event. The focus will be on Lampedusa initially, to express solidarity with the struggling population and denounce the failures of the Meloni government. Agrigento, known for its historical temples, holds additional significance as the return of the Democratic Christian Party (DC) has attracted many supporters. Agrigento’s Democratic Party aims to focus on values and loyalty, in contrast to the shifting of political affiliations. They express concern over the DC’s tendency to attract politicians and advocate for legislation against party-switching.

Pd, presentata la Festa dell’Unità: per la prima volta sarà ad Agrigento

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