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Presentation of the book “The Euthanasia of Democracy” in Palermo

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The book “L’Euthanasia della Democrazia” by Giuseppe Benedetto, president of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation, will be presented on Monday 4 April at 5.00 pm, in Palermo, in the “Yellow Room” of the Sicilian Regional Assembly.
At the presentation of the essay, together with the author, interventions by Alessandro Lagalla and Gianfranco Miccichè are foreseen.
The debate will be moderated by Marco Romano, director of the Giornale di Sicilia.
“The Euthanasia of Democracy”, Rubbettino Editore, with a preface by Sabino Cassese, identifies in the abolition of the authorization to proceed for the members of Parliament, which took place under the incessant thrust of the forcaiole squares following the political season of “Clean Hands”, one of the crucial passages of our democracy, which irreversibly affected the relationship between the powers of the state.