Presentation of Palermo’s Pediatric Center project: works resume after a six-year halt.

A new pediatric hospital in Fondo Malatacca, near Cervello Hospital in Palermo, is moving forward. The feasibility study for the maternal-infant excellence center was presented to the President of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, by a team of professionals from Valle progettazioni in Rome and Cangemi Studio in Palermo. The document has been updated to meet new requirements, as requested by the governor in May. The project aims to provide essential care for children and put an end to long journeys for treatment. The construction, delayed for six years after the contractor went bankrupt, is expected to take 44 months. The regional government has approved the use of approximately €118 million for the project, ensuring full financial coverage. President Schifani emphasized the need for timely completion and will personally monitor progress to avoid further delays.

Presentato il progetto del polo pediatrico di Palermo: ripartono i lavori, il cantiere era fermo da sei anni

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