Presentation in Catania of the novel “Two hundred days of storm”

On Friday 9 July, at 6 pm, the novel “Two hundred days of storm” by Simona Moraci is presented in the Catania Libri bookstore, in Viale Regina Margherita 2 / H. The meeting will take place in the open space adjacent to the library, in compliance with the rules on spacing. “Two hundred days of storm”, in bookstores and online stores, is the third novel by Simona Moraci, from Messina, journalist and teacher, and is published by Marlin editore (series “Il portico”, pages 304, € 16.90, marlineditore .it), the publishing house of Tommaso and Sante Avagliano. For the occasion, the writer Luigi La Rosa, his latest book is “Man without winter. Story of a forgotten genius of Impressionism ”for Piemme, dialogues with the author.

“Two hundred days of storm” has just obtained the third place, Narrative section, at the Prata Sannita Castle Award L’Iguana – Anna Maria Ortese, VIII edition 2021, and was presented (Sala Ischia of Palazzo Reale) on the occasion of the Naples event City Book.

Although not specifically indicated, the main scenario of the novel is that of Catania, a reality that the writer knows well for her work in schools, and in history two seaside towns alternate, alluding to Catania and Messina.

The text could also be the subject of a cinematographic transposition: the project is under construction.

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