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Precious card: Orlando rewards Massimo Milani, pillar of homosexual struggles in Palermo

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Mayor Leoluca Orlando conferred this morning, in the course of a ceremony held at Palazzo delle Aquile, the recognition of the precious Tessera del Mosaico Palermo to: Sara Cappello, Fabio Conigliaro, Massimo Milani, Biagio Campanella, Luigi Carollo, Ana Maria Vasile , Marco Siino, Antonina Tomasino.

Here are some brief biographical notes by the ceremonial office.

Sara Cappello
Palermo singer-songwriter and storyteller.
It is registered in the REIS, the register of intangible inheritances of the Sicilian Region, as Cantora di Sicilia, for its promotion and enhancement of Sicilian music.
He founded the Cantunera theater, welcoming students of all levels and allowing him to enter the great repertoire of Sicilian tradition and storytellers.

Fabio Conigliaro
Founding president of the Association for disabled people with Alzheimer’s disease “A Casa di Nina”.
In 2019 (in full autonomy and with its own funds) it sets up a multidisciplinary staff made up of pedagogists, psychologists, socio-health workers, educators, animators, physiotherapists, neurologists who work in full synergy in an educational and social function to ensure global well-being of the disabled person, stimulating the progressive improvement of their quality of life and integration into the local community.

Massimo Milani
Extraordinary LGBTQ + activist, for the commitment to civil rights for more than 40 years, founder of the first Arcigay club in Italy ..
In 1989, together with Biagio Campanella, he opened the first gay cultural club and club in Palermo, Il Neo.

Biagio Campanella
Extraordinary LGBTQ + activist, for the commitment to civil rights for more than 40 years, founder of the first Arcigay club in Italy.
In 1989, together with Massimo Milani, he opened the first gay club and cultural club in Palermo, Il Neo.

Luigi Carollo
A figure who has always stood out for an extraordinary commitment to the rights of LGBTQ people.
In the 90s, he was president of the ArciGay Circle of Palermo, also a member of the National Secretariat of Arcigay, President of Article 3 with which he gave life to the first Sicily Palermo Pride.
Today, after having personally participated in the realization of 13 Palermo Pride events, which over the years has seen the presence of hundreds of thousands of people who have come to Palermo, even from abroad, he has become the coordinator as a further recognition of his I commit.

Ana Maria Vasile
Arcigay Palermo activist since 2010.
In 2011 it set up the help desk for LGBTI + migrants (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex) which offers psychological and legal counseling services, a point of reference for migrants seeking hospitality and support because they are persecuted in their country of origin for their sexual orientation and / or gender identity.

Marco Siino
National director of Samaria, extraordinary activist of “Wings of an eagle” Association of Christian LGBT people, he contributed to the sections “I Christians al Pride”, to the Pride on migration and to Palermo Pride, of which he was director for 9 years.
Since 2011 he has been cooperating with the Ecumenical Coordination for overcoming homolesbobitransphobia.

Antonina Tomasino
Volunteer of the Agedo Palermo association, silent revolutionary; since 2012 she has dedicated a large part of her life to countering and preventing homotransphobia in families, schools, in our extended communities.
As a volunteer, Agedo has helped many parents of LGBT + children who lived the identity of their daughters with suffering and intolerance, many young trans people with great difficulties who were trying to find themselves and who suffered discrimination and violence at school, in the family and at school.