Post-earthquake reconstruction Santo Stefano, Foti (Attiva Sicilia) writes to Draghi and Musumeci

Editorial staff 01 October 2021 17:38

Share The regional deputy of Attiva Sicilia – as well as vice president of Ars – Angela Foti officially sent two letters to the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the President of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci. The urgent need to overcome the stagnation experienced by the post-earthquake reconstruction of Santo Stefano, in 2018, is to extend the rules already in force for the territories hit by the earthquake in 2016 also in Sicily. An extension that would bring immediate benefits by actually speeding up the rebirth of the Etna province damaged by the earthquake.
“There are nine municipalities in the province of Catania – says Foti – which have been waiting for a rebirth for three years now and are experiencing a climate of uncertainty due to the expected extension of the commissioner structure which will soon see the contracts of the technicians in support expire. of the reconstruction. No less important are the compensations for the lower revenues of the municipalities due to the suspension of taxes in 2019 which weighs on the budgets at risk of collapse. Although an extraordinary commissioner for reconstruction has been appointed by the national government, which is extending its commitment on the territory, there are bureaucratic snares and regulatory gaps that are paralyzing the reconstruction process “, says Foti.
“For this reason I intended to ask Prime Minister Draghi directly, after being unheard by the previous government, to extend the national legislation on reconstructions to Sicily, already valid in the areas of Central Italy hit by the earthquake in 2016. Specifically, the extension of the law would allow to overcome the obstacle represented by the slight construction differences of private buildings, based on the legislation in force for the areas of Central Italy, at the same time as the reconstruction “, adds the deputy.
Then the exponent of Attiva Sicilia concludes: “This discrepancy has, unfortunately, generated a slowdown in the reconstruction operations and sometimes even the impossibility of issuing the building permit. As a regional deputy I have carried out various parliamentary initiatives and even bills but it is a sphere in which only the government or the national parliament can intervene. Recently, the extraordinary commissioner for reconstruction, Dr. Scalia, informed the Sicilian deputations of the approaching conversion of decree law 121/2021 of 10 September which – if appropriately amended by parliament – could already bring positive effects for the cities affected by the earthquake “.
“For this I also appeal to President Musumeci to make this battle his own and put in place an institutional pressure on the national government that will lead us to the result. A result expected, hoped for and desired by nine local communities who have to get back on the road after 3 years of difficulty and expectations “.