Portopalo Award given to Lentini firefighters

The special mention of Assostampa, awarded as part of the Portopalo Più a Sud di Tunisi national prize, was given this morning to the firefighters detachment of Lentini. In the presence of provincial commander Antonino Galfo, the recognition for their efforts during the devastating fires of last July was given to team leader Mario Rocca and firefighters Tullio Scionti, Alessandro Rinato, Christian Pelligra, Andrea Carfì, and Giuseppe Accetta, who serve in Lentini. The recognition was inspired by a photo that went viral, depicting some of them exhausted during the dramatic hours in Carlentini. Journalist Salvatore Di Salvo, author of the published photo, was also given a special mention. The photo captured the whole story without needing words and gained national attention.+

Il premio Portopalo ai vigili del fuoco di Lentini

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