Porto Empedocle: Migrants waiting on bench due to lack of buses for transportation

There are currently 675 migrants in the landing and pre-identification area in Porto Empedocle, Agrigento. On the orders of the Agrigento prefecture, 527 people will be transferred by tonight, based on the available spots indicated by the Ministry of the Interior. The distribution plan includes sending 27 unaccompanied minors to Villa Sikania in Siculiana, 100 to Pozzallo, 80 to Catania, 50 to Veneto, 80 to Liguria, and 50 to Marche. The remaining 148 migrants will stay in the port’s tent structure, as it is difficult to find buses for transportation. 30 of them will go to Umbria and 20 to Basilicata. The original plan to send 100 migrants to Emilia Romagna was changed due to protests in Bologna, with 25 going to the Cara facility in Crotone and 75 to Campania. The Agrigento prefecture is already working on transferring the approximately 500 people who will arrive in the evening after being boarded on the Galaxy ferry from Lampedusa. Five buses have been found to transport 240 migrants to Liguria, Veneto, Catania, Vibo Valentia, and Lazio. However, around 260 people are still without transportation, including 100 who need to go to Piedmont, 35 to Basilicata, 60 to Pozzallo, 30 to Umbria, and 35 to Molise.

Porto Empedocle, folla di migranti in attesa sulla panchina: mancano i pullman per portarli via

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