Porto Empedocle, 50 migrants with Covid

They are part of the group of 232 people disembarked from the Asso Trenta. 77 refugees and one body arrived on the freighter “Vos Triton”

Porto Empedocle, 50 migrants with Covid

AGRIGENTO – Of the 232 migrants rescued by “Asso Trenta” and disembarked yesterday in Porto Empedocle (Ag) about 50 tested positive for Covid-19. After the photo signaling procedures, the minors were accompanied to the Villa Sikania reception center in Siculiana (Ag) and the adults – including the 50 positive ones at Covid – were boarded on the “Allegra” quarantine ship where they will have to observe the period of anti-Coronavirus health surveillance. The Prefecture of Agrigento coordinates all the sorting and transfer operations.

And also the freighter “Vos Triton”, with 77 refugees and a body on board, arrived in Porto Empedocle last night. Today, after the anti-Covid swabs, migrants will be disembarked. It seems that the ship, after the rescue, was heading for Libya, but there would have been a riot on board.

The Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office is also taking an interest in these alleged moments of tension and wants to reconstruct what happened. The tugboat, at first, remained in front of the coast of Lampedusa where there was a medical evacuation of a woman who was not well, then it headed for Porto Empedocle.