Port of Catania to Transfer Containers to Augusta: Major Transformations of Two Facilities

The Eastern Sicilian Port System Authority aims to enhance and improve port services, develop state-of-the-art infrastructure, reorganize areas, beautify and modernize docks, and bring them up to European and international standards through a new vision and management of the ports of Catania and Augusta. A tender has been published for a total value of over €317 million to achieve these goals. The transfer of containers from Catania to Augusta is part of this plan, with Augusta aiming to become a “Core” terminal in the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor. The restructuring plan includes allocating €245 million to Augusta and €150 million to Catania for infrastructure projects. The mayor of Catania, Enrico Trantino, expresses his support for the project and believes that the changes will benefit the city. The reorganization plan also includes the construction of a railway line, the transfer of container operations to Augusta, and the creation of a container terminal, a project cargo, and a general cargo terminal. The plan is expected to be fully implemented by 2024. The Secretary General of the Port System Authority, Attilio Montalto, emphasizes the importance of sustainability, cleanliness, security, and technology in the development of the ports. The mayor of Augusta, Giuseppe Di Mare, sees these changes as a significant step toward economic growth and job creation for the city.

Porto di Catania, i container andranno ad Augusta: così le due strutture cambieranno volto

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