Popular agricultural bank of Ragusa, ATMs accessible to the blind and visually impaired

The Popular Agricultural Bank of Ragusa has updated the software of its ATMs, which are now perfectly functional even for those suffering from visual impairment. In bank ATMs it is in fact possible to operate thanks to a voice guide which – in one of the keys with Braille characters – allows the blind to be completely independent, as well as for the visually impaired, who can use the video-magnifiers of the characters proposed by the ATM monitor. Technological functions that make customers with visual impairments absolutely independent.

A service that the Ragusa section of the Italian Blind Union appreciated, to the point of wanting to thank the Bank with a video that it circulated in the press and on social media.

«It is a big step for the autonomy of people with visual impairments – explains Salvatore Albani, the president of the Iblea section of the Uici – because the possibility of absolute autonomy has finally been given. And for us this is a huge step forward, because until now the only way to operate was to be accompanied. What might seem like a trivial step – concludes Albani – becomes a very important fact for us, in order to be able to withdraw money and also be able to operate with home banking».

The declaration of Arturo Schininà, president of the Popular Agricultural Bank of Ragusa: «We made a promise to the friends of the Uici, and we kept it. For us it is certainly a reason for satisfaction, also because as far as we are concerned this is not an isolated case. When we are able to render our business at its best, when customers and the local area in general show gratitude for the service rendered, when we demonstrate that we are a local bank in deeds, not as if it were a now stale refrain, then we realize that we have done our duty, for the benefit of Sicily. And since we want to share these sentiments, we invited a delegation from the Ragusa section of the Italian Blind Union for a friendly exchange of Christmas greetings, taking advantage of the meeting of the bank’s Board of Directors last December”.

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