Ponte sull’Stetto, the mayor of Messina De Luca: “work blocked for 50 years, now there are no more obstacles”

8 May 2021 22:20

Ponte sull’Stetto, the mayor of Messina De Luca: “a work that has been blocked for 50 years, foreseen by a law, 1158 of 1971, but the victim of a series of omissive and commissioning interventions that are completely useless to say the least”

“A work that has been blocked for 50 years, foreseen by a law, 1158 of 1971, but the victim of a series of omissive and commissioning interventions that are completely useless to say the least”. This is what Adnkronos the mayor of Messina says Cateno De Luca. “Now a long, exhausting and expensive process on one of the greatest opportunities for growth and development for the whole of Southern Italy can be definitively closed – continues De Luca –: the realization of the connection through the construction of a suspension bridge over the Strait of Messina. Today – explains- there are no more obstacles for the bridge to become a reality because the report of the ministerial commission confirms the feasibility of the project already equipped with all the necessary opinions and related authorizations, nor from a financial point of view because the approval, on April 29 of the decree law on the complementary fund which integrates the European resources of the NRP with 30.6 billion, it allows to guarantee financial coverage on the additional national funds (FSC) that do not have the time constraints of the NRP ”. “In conclusion – adds– considering that this is “a work with a supranational strategic value and that in every European country it would be considered very urgent”, there is no other way than to include the Bridge over the Strait in the strategic investments of the complementary fund “since it represents the only tool capable of compensating for serious and permanent territorial imbalances that have cracked the productive capacity of the entire national economic system due to the now atavistic detachment from national growth rates from those of the rest of Europe“, Warns the mayor.

A goal, that of the construction of the bridge, which yesterday saw Sicily and Calabria join forces during a meeting at the Cas di Messina which was also attended by the deputy minister Alessandro Morelli. A face to face in the presence of the Sicilian governor, Nello Musumeci, and the president of the Calabria Region, Antonino Spirlì, and the respective regional councilors for infrastructure to which, however, the mayor of the city of the Strait was not invited. “Not only is it a serious lack of respect for me, in my capacity as mayor – remarks De Luca -, but I consider it harmful to the interests of the city and of the 250,000 inhabitants that I am honored to represent ”. The great absentees were precisely the mayors of the integrated area of ​​the Strait. “The mayors – attacks De Luca – are the real protagonists of the public life of the territories, they cannot fail to be involved in the institutional dialogue for the start of a work that will be carried out in their territoriesthe”. A missed invitation which, however, is not surprising. “We have seen too many times over the past few years – remember – that the Region does not dialogue with metropolitan cities and that on every occasion, often fictitious, it deviates from the indications coming from the territories. The mayors are, in fact, the spokespersons of the needs of their communities and it is necessary that their representatives participate in the meetings for a work that will have a profound impact on the territory and on the citizens, otherwise there will be a dystonia harmful to its effective implementation “. “They would like Messina –evidence- continued not to count on the regional and national scene, avoiding dialectical and institutional confrontation. This is the real logic that animates the regional government ”. A Musumeci traction executive against which the mayor De Luca is already working on the construction of the liberation front ”.

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