“Ponte Corleone, what happened to the appointment of the commissioner?”

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 12:20

Share The president of Ance Gabriele Buia, at the request of the president of Ance Palermo Massimiliano Miconi, sent a note to the CEO of Anas Massimo Simonini to ask for clarification on the stalemate in which the appointment of the extraordinary commissioner who should have accelerated the work on the bridge Lionheart. “It is not clear whether the engineer Castiglioni has already been appointed, whether he is in the fullness of his duties and whether he has already begun to operate – explains Miconi -. The only certain thing is that Palermo and its citizens are forced every day to deal with the increasingly serious inconveniences caused by the partial usability of the bridge, with all the harmful effects that this has on circulation throughout the city. We have repeatedly asked that clarity be made on the issue and that certain times be given with a time schedule of the works – continues the president of Ance Palermo – but it seems complicated even just to understand whether the extraordinary commissioner has already been appointed or not. This is why we asked for the support of our National President Buia, in the belief that urgent action to resolve the issue is necessary and can no longer be postponed “.

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