Ponte, Bucalo: “A great opportunity”

The debate on the bridge is overheating the spirits of those in favor. Ella Bucalo, a parliamentarian from Messina, also joined the “Sì Ponte” party.

“The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Alessandro Morelli, yesterday in Messina, at the Cas headquarters, to talk about the Bridge over the Strait, said that the imposing infrastructure will be built, on the basis of a unity of purpose which, however, must also contribute Europe. A key, that of the unity of purpose necessary for the construction of the Bridge, on which I have been fighting for some time ”.

Says the deputy of the Brothers of Italy.

“To carry out this great work – says Bucalo – more ‘actors’ are needed, in addition to the two regions concerned: Sicily and Calabria must not be seen as the only beneficiaries of its impact on the territory in terms of economy and tourist attraction, because the evaluated the impact of modernity and efficiency that the nation that manages to make an ancient, antiquated idea a reality on the whole of Europe would have. This is why the entire continent must ‘marry’ the construction of the Bridge over the Strait.
Fratelli d’Italia, since its inception, has repeatedly presented parliamentary initiatives for the stable connection between the two shores of the Strait, which would mean eliminating the economic, tourist and transport gap existing between the two opposite regions and the rest of Italy. Italy.
Deputy Minister Morelli yesterday said that the government will be there, that the PNRR has laid the foundations, both in the North and in the South, for the construction, on land, of infrastructures, and added that Italy has technical and industrial capabilities for finally giving away to a work expected for as long as one can remember. Well – concludes Ella Bucalo – I too will commit myself through my parliamentary action, as a member of the Labor Commission, so that the Bridge on the Strait is “.

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