"Ponos" investigation, the Nil: "While we invest in the navigator, a parallel system of employment is created"


No one arrived in Campobello di Licata, Naro, Canicattì, Favara and Palma di Montechiaro. But only those who appeared to be selected based on gender, age and physical condition arrived. And to make the selection, although virtual, were mother and daughter: 59-year-old Viera Cicakova, 27-year-old Veronika Cicakova. Two women who, in fact, had created – in a clandestine manner – a sort of real temporary agency: an agency detached from Ukraine in Campobello di Licata.

"He came to create a real parallel organization of organization and job procurement – confirmed Lieutenant Colonel Pierluigi Buonuomo, commander of the Labor Inspectorate -. Today we invest in employment centers and navigators to implement the labor supply system in the dialectic with entrepreneurs. But we have a parallel system, among other things managed in part by foreigners, but not only that, which integrates what is the main crime: the illicit administration of workers by unauthorized persons ".

The operation against illegal hiring, called "Ponos", inevitably leads to questions: how does the meeting between demand and supply of labor take place? Does it actually occur in the places set up? In the employment agencies? Or as emerges from the "Ponos" survey, but also from the meetings that the commander of the labor inspectorate of the nucleus had with the unions, only 5 percent take place in the employment centers? If this were so, then the remaining 95 percent occurs through forms of illicit intermediation.

That there is black labor and illegal hiring is not a mystery. For the carabinieri, however, it is not easy to prove it: "It is not easy today to investigate illegal hiring – added Lieutenant Colonel del Nil -. There is a need for systemic, meticulous work to integrate all the elements of the case which, although alternative to each other, must be documented through traditional investigations. That's why I feel like saying that we came back a bit since we returned to follow the vans that leave from the town square and disperse in the surrounding countryside ".

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