Pollution in San Leone, sentenced for former Girgenti Acque leaders

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The sewers of San Leone, in the Agrigento area, discharged directly into the sea with a totally inadequate purification system: the so-called “brushes in the sea”, or the underwater pipes used to transport wastewater from homes to the open sea, were damaged and leaking from more points.
The prosecutor Giulia Sbocchia is convinced of this and has asked for the conviction of 4 of the five accused.

This is Marco Campione, 60, former president of Girgenti Acque Spa; Giuseppe Giuffrida, 74, from Gravina di Catania, former CEO of the manager of the integrated water service in the Agrigento area; Bernardo Barone, 69, general manager of the High Water, Agrigento and Maurizio Carlino, 61, designer and construction manager.
Many crimes have been prescribed: for Pietro Hamel, 70 years old, technical manager of the Water High School, the passage of time has, in fact, canceled the disputed accusations.
According to the prosecutor, the pipes were falling apart, the lifting stations went haywire and the sewer was discharged into the sea with a poor filter.

The investigation was launched in 2011 after the countless complaints of citizens and associations who reported dirt and bad smells in the sea of ​​San Leone.
The Prosecutor disputes omissions and irregularities in the management of the service.
Agrigento lacks the purifier and the so-called “sea brushes”, that is to say the underwater pipes that discharge the sewage waste offshore, are old and heavy.
The investigating judge Ottavio Mosti, in the provision with which he ordered the seizure of the pipelines, spoke of “gross wastewater treatment”.

News from Sicily 2022-06-22 20:13:00

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