Politics, Michele Gangi candidate in the UDC list for the municipal council of Palermo 2022

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Palermo, 17 March – Udc Sicilia has made official the candidacy of Michele Gangi, born in Caltanissetta on 21 July 1949, surgeon and dentist of established stature, to the next municipal council of Palermo, as part of the process of defining and optimizing guidelines and political program towards the administrative elections of 2022.

To express great satisfaction, I am very satisfied with yet another precious piece that further enriches the mosaic of the centrist movement on the island, are the regional deputy secretary of the UDC Sicily, Elio Ficarra, and the citizen coordinator of the party in Palermo, Andrea Aiello: << Michele Gangi surgeon, specialized in dentistry who enjoys great esteem in the city, already boasts a political background of absolute importance, brilliantly holding various institutional positions.
Gangi was a municipal councilor of Palermo from 1997 to 2001 and from 2001 to 2006, he held the role of councilor of the Regional Province of Palermo from 2007 to 2012.
What distinguishes him are undoubtedly the civic sense, moral rectitude, insight and foresight systematically shown in the irreproachable fulfillment of the task at the service of the community: Michele Gangi represents a piece of irrefutable thickness that embellishes the mosaic of our group in Sicily.
We are happy and proud that a professional and man of his level has unconditionally embraced our political project, sharing its core values ​​and founding principles.
The knowledge of him about dynamics and emergencies typical of the territory, his political caliber, together with the sensitivity and competence that he denotes every day in the exercise of the profession, constitute added value for the party and an absolute guarantee for citizens and voters >>.

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