Political and administrative decentralization “disregarded in Palermo”, protest the presidents of the districts on March 1 | BlogSicily

  • The presidents of the constituencies protest in Palermo
  • The demonstration on March 1 in Piazza Pretoria, in front of the town hall
  • The object of the protest is political and administrative decentralization

Decentralization in Palermo can no longer wait: on Monday 1 March at 11 am, in Piazza Pretoria, the Presidents of all the districts of Palermo will demonstrate on the issue of “Decentralization”.

The reasons for the event

“We demand immediate responses and actions – say the district presidents – from the mayor Leoluca Orlando and the president of the city council. We cannot wait any longer, our citizens ask us. We will symbolically hand over the keys of our circumscriptions, so that there is a response from the institutions. Little has been done on the decentralization issue, and the citizens of Palermo continue to suffer from the choices of others. This is no longer admissible in a city that wants to define itself as “Capital of Culture”.
The district presidents speak of their desire to “restore dignity to our city”.

The Municipality “has for decades disregarded political and administrative decentralization”

“The Municipal Administration of Palermo has neglected political and administrative decentralization in this city for decades”. The parent company of Forza Italia of the VII Circumscription, Pietro Gottuso, writes in a note, denouncing how “the action of the Mayor Orlando and his Administration has contravened the law and mutilated the mandate of the Presidents and the District Councilors. The active administration has never bothered to provide the necessary human and economic resources to what must have been mini municipalities, as happens in many Italian cities. But the district councils and public opinion continue to be fooled into believing that the necessary measures for decentralization have been issued ”.

The arrival of the commissioner

Gottuso continues: “The only act concerns the appointment of a Commissioner by the Regional Councilorship for Local Autonomies, who approved a regulation on decentralization, which is nothing more than the sum of the articles of the already existing regulations on decentralization, and however it lacks the functions proper to the Circumscriptions attributed by law. Having no longer any minimum confidence in this Municipal Administration, we just have to hope and hope – concludes Gottuso – that the new administration, in a year, will be able to modify this massacre in such a way that the beating heart of the administrative activity beats in the offices of the Circumscriptions “.

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