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Politeama lights up blue for autism awareness day: “It was a world evening”

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“A world evening”.
This was the motto that echoed several times on the stage of the Politeama theater during the show that yesterday celebrated the Autism Awareness Day.

“World” because everything has been raised to maximum power: the commitment of the organizers, the enthusiasm of the public in a theater filled to the limit and the joy of the boys who performed, receiving appreciation, smiles and an avalanche of applause .
Many institutional figures were present such as the mayor Leoluca Orlando who, surprisingly, on the stage, handed over the precious Tessera of the Palermo mosaic to Rosi Pennino, president of ParlAutismo.
“Palermo is a mosaic made up of many tiles, of different shapes and colors that must live in harmony – said Orlando -.
When the mayor identifies a precious card, he gives it recognition which is a way of saying ‘thank you and go ahead’ and this is the right evening to give a precious card to Rosi Pennino and to all the associations that deal with autism that are committed to representing the hopes, dreams, anger and rights of those who live and want to live with autism “.

Then off to the show that alternated between institutional moments with the presence of the president of Ars, Gianfranco Miccichè who sponsored the event, together with the representatives of the 24 associations that network with ParlAutismo.
Also on stage Giovanni Randisi, president of the Cus Palermo who signed, live from the stage, a memorandum of understanding with the associations, which allows access for special children with a reduction in costs, to the Cus systems, to exercise activities sports.
So much emotion and so much satisfaction because today the fruits of struggles, battles and a lot of commitment on the part of ParlAutismo and all the associations that, for years, have supported children with disabilities and their families are reaped.

To cheer the hearts and make many artists smile too: Lello Analfino who, sitting at the piano, sang two songs, spreading magic among the audience.
The comic duo Matranga and Minafò and Ivan Fiore gave smiles and made us reflect at the same time with their interventions.
A strong emotion to see Roberta Gandolfo dancing next to her wheelchair who gave a life lesson to everyone and demonstrated her talent by dancing with Federico Montemaggiore.
And then again the fashion show organized by Mythos Fashion District directed by Flavia Pinello.

The boys and girls of the Abalù center wore clothes and accessories from Sicilian companies and with their smiles and their energy made the theater explode with joy.
In the audience there are many parents and other family members who would never have thought one day of being able to see their children parading are courage and determination in front of an audience of that magnitude.
It didn’t matter if the position during the parade was not quite erect or the pace was more or less fast, everyone was dazzled by the light and energy they emanated and by their contagious smiles.

On stage also the Piccola Accademia dei Talenti with Michele and Joihada as Romeo and Juliet and finally the capoeira group.
The dancers of the Joseph and Dream school by Giuseppe Di Michele, a theater company with “Verona”, will also dance, the recitation of the little students of the Didactic Direction of Capaci accompanied by the teacher Elena Milone, the students of the Cavallari school, the young pupils of some peer schools.
Thanks also to the clown group “Think positively” who welcomed and entertained the children before the show with music and dancing.

“World Autism Day, after two absences due to the pandemic, is finally back in attendance – commented Rosi Pennino -.
Our boys challenged autism on the stage of the Politeama theater in an event full of events, at the which many artists have given their contribution, shared by the whole city.
A pact that creates community between families and breaks down the wall of solitude.
An evening that allowed us to say, together with the institutions, what has been done and how many they are still the rights and needs of people with autism to be protected “.

The artistic director Francesco Panasci recalls the collaboration between Panastudio and ParlAutismo that has existed for almost 13 years.
“We have worked together for many years to bring to light the whole Italian community and beyond, given that this Day is recognized worldwide, the needs and rights of people with autism – said Panasci -.
My role within this consolidated project for the dissemination and information of autism awareness is aimed at making a contribution also of an artistic nature.
This is why on stage we involved our friend Lello Analfino, the duo Matranga and Minafò who gave color to the evening and Ivan Fiore who repeatedly showed great sensitivity on social issues.
But the protagonists of the scene were the special kids who performed demonstrating skills and passions “.

Finally, at the end of the show, everyone gathered outside with torches in hand to illuminate the square with a strong light that shows the many achievements obtained over the years but also the lack of services and the failure to respect some rights for which still you have to work hard to give people with autism the happiest and most beautiful life possible.