Policeman from Agrigento dies in an accident in Piacenza: he crashes his motorcycle into a van

Tragedy in Piacenza in the night. The 50 year old Gioacchino Grillooriginally from Agrigento, around 2 am, he knocked down the new jersey with his motorbike that signaled the closed road and the presence of workers and crashed into a van.

He was assistant chief of the penitentiary police who had been serving for years at the Piacenza prison. From the reconstruction it emerged that the workers had noticed the arrival of the bike at speed and they waved in the middle of the road to try to slow it down but the bike swooped into the construction site and after the impact Grillo died instantly due to the very serious traumas reported.

At the entrance to the ring road in Piacenza, a sign was placed warning of the closure from the height of the junction for Gossolengo leaving the city. The construction site reported the closure of the Paladini Bridge from 10 pm to 6 am for the replacement of a joint and the remaking of the horizontal signs along the South ring road.

The 118 health workers arrived on the spot with the medical car and the CRI volunteers but upon arrival Grillo was already dead. The police, the carabinieri of the Radiomobile and the Traffic Police also arrived at the scene of the accident and carried out the surveys to understand the dynamics of the accident.

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