Police officer dies in Syracuse after car veers off road and overturns

Another fatal accident in Sicily. Nicolò Fazzone, 52, died this morning around 6:30 on the Maremonti road, which connects Syracuse to Canicattini. The man, according to an initial reconstruction, was driving his car when, for reasons to be ascertained, lost control of the vehicle, which overturned on a plot of land adjacent to the road.

Passersby who witnessed the scene alerted the rescue services. An ambulance and firefighters arrived on the scene. The firefighters extracted the body from the car wreckage, medical staff provided initial care to Fazzone, who appeared to be in serious condition, and transported him to the hospital emergency room, but he did not make it.

The man, originally from Palermo, lived in Melilli and worked at the Syracuse prison in contrada Cavadonna. Police officers arrived at the scene of the accident and conducted all the necessary investigations to understand the exact dynamics of the incident. It will also be necessary to ascertain if there is involvement of other vehicles. According to information provided by the Syracuse Municipal Police, the duty prosecutor ordered the seizure of the body.

After the news of his death spread, Nello Bongiovanni, national leader of the Sippe, wanted to remember the man as “a wonderful, sunny guy who loved his family and lived for his children. In his professional field, he had gained great experience and was a solid point. With his passing, the prison police lose a highly valuable element that will be greatly missed.

Incidente nel Siracusano, auto finisce fuori strada e si ribalta: muore un agente di polizia penitenziaria

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