Police arrest drug dealer in Sturzo Square in Palermo

The police carried out drug seizures and arrests in two separate incidents along the streets of the city center of Palermo. In the first circumstance, a 21-year-old man from Palermo was arrested in flagrante. The man was found with five doses of hashish in his jeans and 12 doses of cocaine in his sweatshirt sleeve while riding a motorcycle towards Via Giuseppe Puglisi Bertolino. He also had 845 euros in various denominations on him. Police found 7 cellophane bags containing a substance believed to be marijuana weighing 18 grams in the man’s home, as well as 68 cellophane bags on the bedroom balcony, some of which were identical to those used for packaging marijuana. The young man was arrested for drug trafficking, and the drugs and money were seized. The “Falcons” from the “Contrast to widespread crime” section of the Mobile Team, in plain clothes and aboard motorcycles, carried out a surgical intervention in the heart of Ballarò. They caught a 20-year-old man from Palermo, who was already subject to restrictions related to the obligation to stay and report to judicial authorities. He was found with 42 doses of crack weighing 7 grams and a knife. A subsequent house search revealed 2 crack packages weighing 43 grams, a precision scale, packaging materials, and a total of 5581.00 euros. Both measures were validated by the judicial authority.

Fermato in piazza Sturzo a Palermo con la droga addosso, un arresto della polizia

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