Pogliese resigns, the mayor of Catania suspended after the sentence now looks to the policies

«Today I submitted my resignation as mayor of Catania. It was a very painful and long-considered choice and the moment had already been identified well before the unpredictable crisis of the Draghi government. My resignation is always hovering among the insiders and in the press, even if those who invoke them during the day did everything to avert them at night ».

This was stated by Salvo Pogliese mayor of Catania suspended from office in application of the Severino law for his conviction, on 23 July 2020, of the Court of Palermo for embezzlement to 4 years and 3 months of imprisonment in the trial on reimbursements to Ars.

Except Pogliese, whose political reference is Brothers of Italy, could run in the next political elections.

“After the unjust and unexpected suspension of January 24 – he adds – despite illustrious constitutionalists firmly supporting the opposite thesis, also supported by what the Constitutional Court has always sanctioned, I evaluated together with my council what was the best decision for the city “.

The many decisive deadlines for the life of Catania – he adds – from the expenditure of EU funds to the PNRR projects, and the need to give continuity to the budgetary consolidation process convinced me not to resign, leaving the deputy mayor Bonaccorsi and the councilors with the task of continuing the work started, guaranteeing administrative continuity in a city tried by the instability caused by others and with a total debt of one billion and six hundred million euros. Conditions have changed, also with the launch of numerous projects and the consequent opening of construction sites, possible thanks to an important acceleration on the expenditure of European funds. Now I have the serenity to do what I had been imagining for months; the serenity of those who have given all of themselves to respect their city and the mandate received from the citizens, with the only regret of not having concluded, in spite of myself, a path that has already given important results in terms of objectives achieved ».

«I also leave – he concludes – in the well-founded hope of being able to demonstrate how my legal case, the cause of the suspension, will be resolved in the only possible way, demonstrating my total and absolute extraneousness to the disputed facts. I wish my Catania and my fellow citizens all the best and to continue on the path of rebirth, after years made very complicated also by the pandemic and the international crisis ».

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