Pnrr waste, 70 million Rap projects, Municipality of Palermo does not load portal data. Trizzino (M5s): “Thirty million lost, unacceptable silence from the municipal administration”

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Notice of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.
The sole director of RAP, Girolamo Caruso, replied to the allegations of alleged liability of Rap for the non-presentation of projects for 30 million under the Pnrr waste.

Rap – says Caruso – uploaded the 40 million project to which it had been delegated; the value of the initiatives not uploaded by the Municipality on the Mite platform is worth 30 million euros.

“Rap, to gain time (even before understanding whether it would have been delegated in whole or in part by SRR Palermo Area Metropolitana or by the Municipality, given that both did not have the necessary professionalism) – says Girolamo Caruso – has carried out 10 projects on “line A” of the Mite call for approximately 1 million euros each (8 projects concerning the Municipal Collection Centers-CCR, a project relating to the construction of 15 intelligent ecological islands and a project for the start-up of a “Fleet Management” for the management of vehicles used for separate collection in door to door); 2 “Line B” projects: one for 40 million (biomethane production plant from the organic fraction of separate waste collection) and the other for about 20 million euro (plant for the valorisation of the dry fraction from separate collection, specifically plastic / metals and paper / cardboard).
In total, therefore, about 70 million euros of investments for Palermo, with non-repayable economic funding.
A few days before the date by which the projects were originally sent to Mite (February 14th), the SRR delegated Rap for the biomethane production plant and decided to delegate the Municipality (rather than Rap) for the valorisation of the dry fraction.
On this last initiative, however, the Municipality did not – in turn – feel it had to involve Rap in some way (despite Rap had been the one who developed the entire necessary planning).
The Municipality has also decided not to have to delegate Rap even to the 10 initiatives of line A, despite the fact that they too had been developed by Rap (from the very beginning) and were already ready to be uploaded on the portal, already on the occasion of the original deadline of the February 14.
Rap – continues AU Rap Caruso – has regularly uploaded the initiative that had been delegated to him by SRR (plant for the production of biomethane from the organic fraction of the Separate Collection), without encountering any “technical problem”.
The Municipality, on the other hand, which on the one hand had not considered it necessary to formally delegate Rap or to formally involve it in some way, apparently (according to the press agencies) was unable to upload any of the 10 initiatives of the line to the Mite platform.
A, nor the initiative of line B that had been delegated to him by SRR, for declared “technical problems” that Rap, I repeat, did not encounter.
The value of the initiatives not uploaded by the Municipality on the Mite platform is 30 million euros “.

“The statements of Rap’s sole director, Girolamo Caruso, confirm the denunciation of the M5S and Legambiente on the millions of euros that went up in smoke for the waste collection and management plants.
A fact of unprecedented gravity, if we consider that these sums were destined to carry out projects that the city of Palermo needs more than bread.
8 municipal collection centers, 15 ‘intelligent’ ecological islands and a treatment plant for the dry fraction of separate waste collection for an amount of 30 million euros, lost because the Municipality did not have time to upload the projects to the Ministry portal of the environment “.
This was declared by the regional deputy of the 5 Star Movement and member of the Ars Environment commission Giampiero Trizzinowhich in recent days, together with the group leader at the municipal council of Palermo Viviana Lo Monaco and parallel to Legambiente Sicilyhad denounced the unacceptable, yet another planning and bureaucratic flop in the application procedures within the PNRR.
“According to Caruso’s statements, in fact – explains Trizzino – the Municipality (and not Rap) would not have been able to upload any project to the Ministry platform and, for the avoidance of doubt, Caruso always explains that as far as the platform is concerned, this worked regularly and this is demonstrated by the fact that shortly before, Rap itself had used it, says the sole director, ‘without encountering any technical problems’.
Now, in this chaos made up of inefficiencies and silences at least one thing is certain: the explanations from the municipal administration, which strangely has not yet replied to Caruso, must arrive and must be convincing ”.

“The city of Palermo – concludes the deputy – produces over 25 thousand tons of waste every month and just 16% manages to be separated.
Everything else, at exorbitant costs for the pockets of Palermo, wanders around Sicily in search of an available landfill.
This disastrous situation can be resolved as a matter of priority by putting citizens in a position to carry out separate collection.
Municipal collection centers, in the same way as ecological islands, are fundamental tools to achieve this goal and the fact that the Municipality has lost the opportunity to create them practically at no cost, says a lot about the interest that you really have towards resolution of this problem that we have been dragging on for decades ”.

The story was among the themes of the meeting organized yesterday by Legambiente at the Zisa cultural sites, in which the parent company participated for the 5 Star Movement Viviana Lo Monaco And Daniela Tumbarellocouncilor of the sixth district.

(In the photo, Daniela Tumbarello, Viviana Lo Monaco and Giampiero Trizzino)

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