Pnrr, two projects funded for Catania in the field of urban regeneration and “Quality of Living” – Mobilita Catania

Two projects approved, three months ago, by the Pogliese council, on the proposal of the councilor for public works, Enrico Trantino, were financed with almost 30 million euros, destined for Catania as part of the measures of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for support urban regeneration and quality of living actions.

An investment plan for Italian cities that awarded two of the three proposals presented by the municipality of Catania, developed by the municipal technicians, according to a specific address by the mayor Pogliese and the councilor Trantino, exploiting the resources of the complementary fund of the Ministry of Infrastructures, allocated as part of the remodeling of the funds of the NRP.

«A result of great significance for the city of Catania, said the mayor Pogliese, which rewards the quality of our projects and allows us to open two new construction sites which, with the use of these ministerial resources, in addition to the Pnrr, will give employment to the strategic construction sector and above all affect Librino, with redevelopment of spaces and creations of new housing to face the housing emergency. Funds that will also enhance the residential settlements along the cultural tourist routes of the city center. I thank the councilor Trantino for the constant pressing he exercised to reach the goal and the municipal technicians led by the engineer Salvo Marra, for the proposed design quality “

The funded projects concern the construction of two buildings with 32 apartments each to be built in the Librino district alongside an existing one, to complete a building lot in viale Moncada.


Thanks to the loan of 14.6 million euros, a pre-existing abandoned structure will also be recovered, also in Librino, to be used for social and aggregative purposes, and it will be possible to redevelop two large green areas and another to be used as a parking lot. , contiguous to the two buildings of viale Moncada.

The other project financed with another 15 million euro, called “Segmenti di Connection Urbana”, consists of a series of complementary interventions, located in the historic center. The objective of the redevelopment plan adopted by the municipal executive led by the mayor Pogliese and proposed by the public works department headed by Enrico Trantino, judged worthy of being concretized, is aimed at creating works and services for tourists, but also for the citizens who reside there, with new green spaces and redevelopment of degraded public ones. The priority actions, in fact, are aimed at the expansion of pedestrian areas, the regulation of vehicle parking, with expansion of the ZTL. Specifically, the redevelopment interventions concern the area between via Vittorio Emanuele II, via Antonino di Sangiuliano, via dei Crociferi and piazza Federico II di Svevia, in order to enhance the monuments and points of historical interest.

Particularly satisfied, for the two loans obtained, also the councilor for public works, Enrico Trantino, who followed every step of the allocation process, as part of the complementary measures for the Municipalities, provided for by the Pnrr:

“A great result that confirms the painstaking care with which the projects have been developed, he said, opening the way for direct funding to the city of Catania, the result of constant discussions with the state authorities and the ANCI. We will shortly propose, in other lines of financing, the project for the recovery and enhancement of Piazza Michelangelo and the centuries-old Scammacca park ».

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