PNRR projects: Palermo at risk for three kindergartens and Bordonaro tuna landing

There are seven projects funded by the Pnrr in Palermo with high chances of losing funding. These include the restoration of the Bordonaro tuna landing (in the photo), the upgrading of the nurseries on Via Evangelista Di Blasi and Via Carmelo Lazzaro, the new nursery on Via Altofonte, the former refectory of the Montalcini Institute in the Borsellino school complex, interventions for logistical support for agri-food, fisheries, and aquaculture sectors, and the “Citizen Experience in Public Services” project. For a total of 17 million euros, these projects are unlikely to benefit from the national recovery and resilience plan, which has made 312 million euros available for Palermo. The municipal table currently indicates these projects in red, meaning they will probably not meet the Pnrr’s deadline of June 30, 2026. The municipal programming and monitoring area for non-European funds has assessed the overall funds available through the Pnrr, with 24 projects progressing smoothly in green (170 million euros) and 28 projects with challenges and delays in yellow (124 million euros), with the remaining 7 projects in red (17 million euros). The mayor, Roberto Lagalla, has indicated a plan to address difficulties with the European Union’s cooperation and proposes alternative funding solutions. This strategy aims to resolve challenges and ensure the completion of projects. Opposing party members expressed concerns about the tight deadlines and the possibility of funding reallocation. Overall, the situation requires careful consideration and responsible decisions.

Progetti Pnrr, Palermo rischia su tre asili e sull’approdo della tonnara Bordonaro

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