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A 2800 technical competition reserved for Southern Italy has been published in the Official Gazette: here are the places in Sicily and the requirements for participants.

The announcement of Competition 2800 technicians: as many fixed-term hires are envisaged in Southern Italy.

Among the regions involved, beyond Puglia, Campania, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Sardinia, Molise, Sicily stands out. Below are the open positions on the island, as well as the requirements and procedures necessary to participate.

The places in competition in Sicily

As already mentioned, the places made available in Sicily are numerous, as many are the required figures:

  • Technical expert officer: 275 places available in the administrations;
  • Expert in management, reporting and control: 118 places available in the administrations;
  • Expert in territorial planning and animation: 38 places available in the administrations;
  • Legal administrative expert officer: 38 places available in the administration;
  • Senior IT Analyst Officer: 28 places available in the administrations.

Minimum requirements

Citizens who aspire to win the competition 2800 technicians must, first of all, be in possession of the following minimum requirements:

  • be Italian citizens or citizens of another EU member state and their family members not having the citizenship of a member state who are in possession of the right of residence;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have a degree;
  • be in possession of physical fitness to perform the functions to which the competition refers;
  • enjoyments of civil and political rights;
  • not having been excluded from the active political electorate;
  • not having been dismissed or dispensed from employment in a public administration for persistent insufficient performance.
  • not having received criminal convictions;
  • for male candidates, regular position with regard to military service obligations.

How to submit the application

The application must be sent exclusively electronically through the public digital identity system (SPID), filling out the electronic form on the “STEP ONE 2019” system. Furthermore, in order to send the application, the candidate must have an address PEC nominative. Registration and submission of applications must take place by the 15th day effective from the day following the publication in the Official Gazette of April 6, 2021.

Public competitions 2021: call for 2,800 hires in Southern Italy