Pizzolungo massacre. The “Montalto” School of Marausa participated in the “Don’t forget me” project

https://www.tp24.it/imphotos_articles/03-04-2021/1617436743-0-strage-pizzolungo-la-scuola-montalto-di-marausa-ha-partecipato-al-progetto-non-ti-scordar- di-me.jpg

The Giuseppe Montalto di Marausa Comprehensive Institute directed by the head teacher Prof. Maria Letizia Natalia Gentile has joined the project “Forget me not” promoted by the Municipality of Trapani in the context of education on legality.

The project path is addressed to all pupils attending the School and foresees the realization of: study and research activities, laboratory activities, meetings, debates, production of significant works. As part of the design process, the students led by the teachers of literature Sardo, Bonfiglio and Scollo and by the teachers of musical instruments, Rosa, Barranca, Pellegrino and Grammatico, wanted to remember Barbara Rizzo and the twins Giuseppe and Salvatore Asta through the creation of a video directed by Clara Daidone. Leitmotiv of the video is: Remembering so as not to forget. Keeping alive the memory of what happened on April 2, 1985 is a moral and civil duty.

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