Piscirovu: Sicilian recipe with eggs



The Piscirovu it is nothing more than an egg omelette rolled several times on itself. The term probably derives from the attempt of the less well-to-do classes to imitate more delicious dishes that are inaccessible to them, such as the fish imitating, if not the taste, at least its shape.

As a child the piscirovu, along with bread with tomato and muffulitteddi, was my afternoon snack, a nice soft omelette in the middle of two slices of bread. One of the simplest recipes ever, and lends itself to multiple variants with which to stuff the interior; provola and spinach, scamorza cheese and ham, with courgettes aubergines and peppers and stringy cheese etc. If you then click on Recipes with omelettes you will find about fifteen other omelette recipes.

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