Pigs Rampage in Syracuse Farms: Farmers Raise Concerns

An agricultural entrepreneur in the Francofonte area, in northern Syracuse, Sicily, is speaking out about the devastation caused by an invasion of wild boars. These boars, some weighing up to 100 kg, are attacking farms and causing significant damage, including to irrigation systems vital for orange production, which is a key part of the local and Sicilian economy. This invasion is threatening the entire supply chain related to orange production in the area. The boars, originally from the Nebrodi region, were brought here in the past and left to reproduce freely. The entrepreneur has reported the issue to the police and forestry department multiple times, but little action has been taken due to the boars’ protected status. The damage caused by these boars poses a serious risk to the livelihoods of farmers in the area.

Maiali devastano aziende nel Siracusano, l’allarme degli agricoltori

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