PIF meets the students: “Things can change in Palermo”

MONREALE – Today the meeting with the author Pierfrancesco Diliberto, aka PIF, who presented his book to the classes of the Basile D’Aleo complex.

The executive introduced Pif, who made an introduction to the mafia with an important premise: “Things in Palermo can change”.

The book tells the story of the sisters Maria Rosa and Savina Pilliu, two Sardinian women who spent most of their lives in the fight against the mafia.

Their story begins thirty years ago, when the builder Pietro lo Sicco decided to build an imposing palace without respecting the distances from the houses of the two sisters. Lo Sicco had in fact bribed a councilor to have false papers declaring him the owner of the area.

The palace was built and subsequently inhabited by countless Mafia bosses.

Only thirty years later the state condemned Pietro lo Sicco as being linked to the mafia, his assets were therefore confiscated.

However, the Pilliu sisters did not obtain the status of “Mafia Victims” as the construction of the building was not done for mafia purposes and they did not obtain compensation.

After many complaints they won the case, the revenue agency told them to pay 3% for PASSIVE SOLIDARITY, as it should be paid by Lo Sicco who, however, had the assets confiscated.

The book has three objectives:

1. Being able to pay 3% of the taxes of the Pilliu through the earnings from sales.

2. Spread their story to prevent stories like this from happening again.

3. Rebuild the destroyed houses.

We found this meeting extremely formative, we thank PIF for helping us to understand even better a reality that is current with simple and direct words.

This morning made us understand that things can really change, it is enough to have strength and determination, as demonstrated by the fact that two women alone without a “strong” figure have managed to clash with a monstrous power like the mafia knowing how to exploit up to last every means of the state.

We are sure that after this meeting each of us will begin to implement legality in our small way every day, to really be able to change the world starting from small pieces.

Martina Caputo, Giulia Fontana, Filippo Madonia, Alfredo Madonia, III C Liceo Scientifico