Pietraperzia, agricultural development and relaunch of the whole sector

Mayor Salvuccio Messina met the regional councilor for the branch, Toni Scilla, with the aim of discussing some essential issues for the future of the area. It is time to leave

PIETRAPERZIA (EN) – In an area with a strong rural vocation like that of Enna, being able to relaunching the sector becomes essential to support families which, also due to the pandemic, have experienced and probably will live difficult times in the near future.

The sector needs to be treated for what it really is, that is, a backbone of the local productive fabric, and in this sense it is no longer possible to wait any longer for adequate interventions by politics and institutions, which must support the agricultural world both as regards development and as regards the infrastructural framework to support it.

Also for this reason in recent days the mayor Salvuccio Messina met the regional councilor for agriculture Toni Scilla, putting at the center of the comparison the policies aimed at promoting an economic and social growth of the territory.

First of all, the spotlight was on rural roads. ‚ÄúParticular attention – Messina affirmed – was paid to the funding of projects presented by interpoderal associations for the refurbishment of some rural roads in our territory, under the Submeasure 4.3 Action 1 of the 2014/2020 Sicily RDP. Pressing on the Expressions of Interest presented under the Public Notice of the Agricultural Development Authority (ESA) for the existing roads to be modernized “.

The mayor then asked about the long stop of the Submeasure 8.1 Notice “Support for forestation and afforestation”, dating back to 2017. A front from which good news seems to be coming. “The regional government – said the mayor – is pushing heavily on the offices in charge to complete the technical investigation of the projects in order to issue the financing decrees”.

Finally, the mayor wanted to spend words of hope for local farms, anticipating “abundant funding that will arrive in Pietraperzia for sector operators who have submitted projects under Submeasure 4.1 ‘Support for investments in farms’, tender 2020 “.

In conclusion, the resources are there and the expectations for the territory are high. Now it is necessary to bring these two elements together in order to give the Pietrini farmers the opportunity to strongly relaunch, looking with optimism at the post-pandemic.