Piero Zuccaro and Battiato, painting and purity of spirit

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 30 – Sign and color intertwined with sacred music in search of purity of spirit and authentic painting. An inner journey following Piero Zuccaro’s idea of ​​art in the wake of Franco Battiato’s Archaic Mass with the voice of the great musician who died in 2021. It is not just a selection of works, but an invitation to look inside the exhibition ‘Visual Meditation’ which at the Castello Ursino in Catania from 15 January to 30 April offers 14 oils, 12 pastels, 20 screen prints and the video installation ‘Interno Incerto e Oscillante’ conceived, written and directed by the Sicilian artist with the participation of Battiato on the notes of his Kyrie. Inspired by the passages of the Mass composed in 1993 by the singer-songwriter with whom he has a long friendship, Zuccaro in 2013 began working on a series of drawings on the structures of the chandeliers of the Catania cathedral. Hence the idea of ​​a “two-voice reflection” on spirituality by intertwining painting, music and poetry. Zuccaro developed his research until 2017 in the studio that Battiato had built for him in his villa in Milo, on the slopes of Etna. On display, among the 40 works chosen by the curator Sergio Troisi, 15 large canvases stand out.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog whose editorial design is curated by Francesco Messina, art director and graphic designer to whom Battiato has entrusted the cover of several albums. The video depicting the musician was recorded in 2017, when his health conditions were in a critical phase.

In September of that year the Archaic Mass was performed in the Greek Theater of Catania. It was Battiato’s last concert before retiring from the scene. In the video installation, the master recites Shitao’s verses to the rarefied notes of the piano: “When man lets himself be captured by things, he lets himself be captured by dust. When he lets himself be dominated by things, his spirit gets tired and it pollutes. That the dust lets itself be captured by the dust. In this way the spirit is not polluted. And if the spirit is not polluted there can be authentic painting”. .