Piazza Politeama packed for New Year’s Eve in Palermo, Lagalla: «The beginning of the rebirth»

In a crowded Piazza Politeama, the Palermo public danced, sang and toasted to the sound of great music and returned to embrace each other as requested by the protagonist of the evening, Sergio Friscia, from Palermo, who gave the public irony, comedy and fun throughout the show, flanked by Ylenia Totino, she is Calabrian but very close with the conductor of Strip the news. Super host Francesco Gabbani kicked off a party, with a lineup full of his hits: Amen and Westerners Karmawith which he won in Sanremo among the youngsters in 2016 and among the big names in 2017, Vice versa, Space time, Be happyuntil the last single, Christmas might as well.

An hour and a half concert, interspersed with the midnight countdown: all the artists took the stage, together with the mayor Roberto Lagalla and the city councilor for culture Giampiero Cannella, and celebrated and toasted the new year in front of the cheering audience . A New Year’s Eve marked by rebirth, for Mayor Roberto Lagalla: «The New Year’s Eve show rekindled Palermo and marked the beginning of a year marked by change and rebirth. It’s been six months of hard work and great commitment, this administration has already shown that it can change this city and it is in the name of perseverance and consistency that we will face this 2023, thanks above all to a renewed dialogue with citizens. My most sincere wishes for a happy new year go to the Palermitans and women of Palermo».

“After years, Piazza Politeama has returned to host the great concert on New Year’s Eve – said councilor Cannella -, the greatest satisfaction was seeing a flood of people celebrate the New Year with unprecedented joy and enthusiasm, but at the same time with great composure. Palermo and its administration were prepared for the event with a choice, even artistic, of great quality and transversal with respect to age groups, tastes and sensitivities. We have demonstrated, all together, that we are a big city, finally competitive, even on this front».

For Sergio Friscia «it was a great evening of celebration, a show that I will never forget, in my city in front of a crowd of Palermitans who have finally returned to embrace and kiss each other. Happy New Year to all. Thank you Palermo».

The evening opened at 20.15 with the performance of young Sicilian talents Esdra, Bruna and Kid Gamma. Then the Sicily Pop Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Antonio Zarcone with the soloists Giuliana Di Liberto, Pamela Barone and Katya Miceli and the participation of Mario Incudine, Italian singer, theater actor and multi-instrumentalist, exponent of Sicilian popular music, and Alessio Bondì, who warmed hearts with contemporary rhythms and the exotic sound of the native language, the Palermo dialect. The orchestra paid homage to the extraordinary Giuni Russo. Salvo Piparo and Roberto Lipari also took the stage. To close, after Gabbani, the musical power of the Sicilian reggae hip hop collective of Shakalab, one of the most influential groups in the entire Italian urban/black scene.

The show was broadcast live on Tgs, Rgs and Gds.it, hosted by Salvo La Rosa and Marina Mistretta. A very welcome surprise for the public: greeting video messages from Sicilian icons such as Nino Frassica, Michele Guardì, Luigi Lo Cascio, Antonio Catania, Massimo Lopez, Mago Forest, Barbara Tabita, Ester Pantano, the Palermo Calcio team, but also of characters closely linked to Sicily such as Leonardo Pieraccioni, Dario Ballantini, Giulio Golia, Michele Riondino, Natasha Stefanenko, Rossella Brescia, Francesco Paolantoni, Claudia Pandolfi, Claudio Cecchetto. The show was organized by the constituent Ats, made up of GoMad Concerti Srls, Maurilio Cassata and Alessia Billitteri for Utopia Srls and Carmelo Galati for the Wilder Cultural Association – in collaboration with the Department of Culture and the Municipality of Palermo: «It was like seeing – affirms the organization – a dream come true. Days of hard work and concentration with head bowed to give our city a New Year’s Eve show worthy of other important Italian cities. The thousands of happy and enthusiastic citizens and tourists who arrived in the square make us think that it was just the party we had wanted».

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