Piazza Armerina, the hands of migrants are cut off in the installation for Refugee Day

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PIAZZA ARMERINA (Enna) – Hands that seek help from the sea broken by hatred.
This is what happened in Piazza Armerina, where the installation prepared by the Don Bosco 2000 association on the occasion of Refugee Day was the target of a vandal raid.
The work “No one saves himself” was created by migrant children who were guests of the association to remember the dead in the Mediterranean.

But those hands were broken, no one knows by whom: “It is an unclean gesture done with merciless clarity.
They did not destroy the entire installation, but they cut off the fingers.
As if to say: you die and drown in the sea”, comments the coordinator of the Sai (Reception and integration system) Samantha Barresi.

“I am deeply disappointed – adds Agostino Sella, the president of the Don Bosco 2000 association – We have been working for years for reception and integration and for our operators this is more than a mission.
Acts of this kind do not make us give up, because we believe that it is an isolated gesture.
I hope that the institutions and politics will distance themselves from this crazy gesture and that the authors of this ignoble act will be punished by the law “,

The mayor of Piazza Armerina, Nino Cammarata, expressed his closeness to the association that has been dealing with hospitality in Sicily for years: “I express my utter condemnation of an unspeakable gesture that manifests ignorance and contempt for life.
We are already at work for the identification of those responsible “.

Sicilian news 2022-06-25 02:40:00

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