Pianist, composer and music teacher: died in Messina in Nicola Arena, he was 54 years old

A sudden death at only 54 years old. This is how the master from Messina passed away Nicholas Arena, well-known pianist, composer and teacher of music education in schools. A few hours after the disappearance of the 73-year-old pianist from Messina Horace Visalli, teacher for so many generations of young talents, another mourning has shaken the world of music. Arena, highly appreciated and considered one of the greatest talents to emerge at the Messina Conservatory, had also made himself known for having composed a rock opera and for having won several competitions for pianists, including at a national level.

He leaves behind his wife and daughter. But there are many who mourn for him, lifelong friends and those born into the world of music.

Dead Nicola Arena, messages of condolences

His death shook everyone, judging by the messages of condolence that are being read on social media in these hours. On the Facebook page of the Evemero comprehensive institute we read: “There are news that when they arrive you are left speechless and incredulous… Maestro Nicola was truly a unique person, of great culture and with a great charisma like few have. hours chatting with him without ever getting bored because there was always something to learn. A thought and a prayer to support his loved ones who remain. Hello teacher, honored to have shared so many moments”.

“A new star lights up the sky,” reads another post. And again: “A great pianist and a very nice person is leaving!”. “You will live in the heart of every person who has known, appreciated and admired you as a musician and as a teacher. You will remain in the thoughts of each of your students”.

The memory of my colleague is intense Cesare Natoli who had also been his companion during his musical studies: “My sweetest friend, today you leave me and take away a part of my life – he writes in a blog -. An important part, decisive for what, for better or for worse, I have become. We grew up together, sharing a huge passion for music and the piano. We have spent thousands of hours playing, studying, listening, cursing, yearning for sound in all its forms. We did it sitting on a stool in front of eighty-eight keys – perhaps improvising on the two pianos of your house overlooking Lake Ganzirri, or waiting to take lessons at the conservatory, with maestro Trovato – but also drinking whiskey and smoking our first cigarettes, spending the pocket money that our parents gave us but also the first money worked giving private lessons… Consuming countless vinyl listens, scratching them, playing them hundreds of times again”. Then he concludes: “Your extraordinary talent, your prodigious fingers, your prodigious musical intelligence have been a constant model of emulation and admiration for me. I can’t – and won’t – forget you, bright star. Every time I touch a piano key you’ll be next to me… And when I finish playing you’ll be the first one I’ll ask how it went, if I could have done better, if there’s something to fix. We were all born for the Eternal, my friend, we’ve said that many times. Don’t forget it right now…”.

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