PHOTO. Messina. In Camaro Sottomontagna the shacks are still there after two years – Tempo Stretto

Finally in itinere the competitions for the landing. The councilors Gioveni and Cacciotto ask for certain times

The new houses are delivered, there are several projects in progress, several citizens of Messina can toast to a residential home after years in the shack. What is at a standstill, however, is the clearing.

In Camaro Sottomontagna, for example, the shacks were freed two years ago but are still standing. “It is increasingly in a state of absolute decay and abandonment” – say the councilors of the Brothers of Italy, Libero Gioveni (City Council) and Alessandro Cacciotto (third district).

“The recent attached photos are unequivocal – explain Gioveni and Cacciotto – and the exasperation of the numerous residents of the houses adjacent to the hovels has reached considerable levels, especially because, in addition to the rubble and the resulting material, there are also high quantities of harmful waste and special ones (asbestos, tires, etc.) that seriously affect public health.

We have learned in recent days through the short routes – continue the two councilors – that finally the tenders for the complete clearing of the areas in which in the last two years the resident nuclei have been assigned housing seem to be in progress, but now certain times to be given to those who have been waiting for too long for the presence of bulldozers.

We therefore hope – Gioveni and Cacciotto conclude – that the demolition procedures and subsequent redevelopment of the areas in question will be initiated as soon as possible in order to restore dignity and dignity to hundreds of unfortunately increasingly resigned families ”.

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