Petroleum, Ragusa productions at risk. Sicily, minus 500 thousand tons Ragusa

Ragusa – “At the beginning of 2020 we blamed the pandemic which had reduced the extraction of crude oil and the consumption of refined products to a flicker. Then, the vertical collapse of the price of oil until it touches negative sales quotas due to excess storage. The fact is that in one year the province of Ragusa has lost 90% of its crude oil production capacity. In Sicily, over the last 5 years, over five hundred thousand tons of unextracted oil have been lost. And the data concerns only the mainland. The off-shore, however, was not far behind. Irminio’s productions are still stopped, after an attempt to restart in the summer, with all the staff brought back to layoffs. Those of Enimed’s Ragusa concession are equal to zero. Wells closed for months also due to the S. Anna concession in the Tresauro district, in which Enimed, Irminio and Edison are competing equally for shares. All this, also in the light of a sharp rise in oil prices, therefore attractive for the restart of production, worries us and not a little “.

For oil and gas, the secretaries of Filctem Cgil and Uiltec Uil of Ragusa, Filippo Scollo and Giuseppe Scarpata declare, it is not a good time.

The year of production 2020, with the current revenues of the oil companies that were not sufficient even to cover the outputs, left strong doubts about the industrial continuity of the same in the territory.

Ragusa’s oil was worth just 5 years ago, something like 300 million euros in terms of turnover. It is a wealth that the territory cannot do without. Sicily also runs the risk of losing an important slice of gross domestic product linked to extractions.

It is necessary to clarify immediately every aspect connected with the restart of production which, despite the sharp rise in Brent prices, traces against the background of oil an unclear picture. We do not understand the reason for this long stop, despite the strong growth in demand. The normal management of mining concessions and the planned investments not only in Ragusa but also throughout Sicily are at risk. We are also concerned about the continuity of employment of direct employees and the supply chain of third parties connected to the sector. Stopping extractions in our territory is unacceptable and unjustified.